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The Acaza logo symbolizes what we love: feeling one with the world’s natural wonders: mountains, rivers, hillsides, bodies of water, forests, deserts, valleys, sunsets – beauty at it’s highest power, at it’s best.

Acaza stands for a casa, which is slang in French for at Casablanca. Madison was born in California to a Brooklynite father and a French-­‐‑Moroccan mother. So ACAZA is her way of soothing an identity crisis – a clusterfuck of identity you may say – that she has come to love in many ways.

We love culture. We love people. And we love sharing. And our hope is that Acaza will be a means of which people will share a little bit of expression and identity with others.

We also hope these socks will act as a reminder, a motive for you to travel, to seek good, to give back, to reflect, and to always stay true to who you are. Continue to seek from outside and from within. You are one. You are home. You are whole.

These socks are meant to empower you to live out your life to the fullest. When you wear Acaza socks, we want for you to feel special, to feel empowered; and, while these socks are meant for you to feel unique, we also want you to feel part of a greater good – part of a community that shares the joy of life, love, and learning.

When you wear these socks, we hope they act as a reminder that we are all human, mistakes happen, and forgiveness is key to healing. We want you to remember everything you are grateful for and to also express your gratitude, because those two words – thank you – are just always appreciated, no matter how big or small the deed.

When you wear these socks, we want you to feel ambitious and walk with integrity, inspiration, and motivation. With every step forward, make it one closer to reaching your goals.

It’s a lot to ask for from just socks, and we have faith that’s it’s totally doable.

Best of luck in achieving your dreams.

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